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Walk With Me offers unique resources that build momentum, connection & development for you to thrive through adversity.

Walk With Me

Momentum. Connection. Development.

Walk With Me provides tools to help you thrive through adversity 

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Video interviews

Watch Corey McKernan's interviews with leaders of sport, entertainment and business.

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Listen to our interview recordings on your favourite Podcast player. 

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Special, live events that bring you in the same room as Australia's top sporting, entertainment and business personalities.

Welcome to Walk With Me

Walk With Me is about to be registered as a Not For Profit organisation that aims to give back to the community through training workshops and ongoing support programs by elite athletes.

Walk With Me was an idea of former AFL player, MVP and dual premiership player, Corey McKernan, at the height of Australia's Covid-19 lockdown in May 2020. After reading an article detailing concerns about people's mental health with restricted living, Corey wondered how he could help.

With exercise being important to his wellbeing, both physically and mentally, he came up with the idea to deliver a group walk over Zoom. Anyone could join from any location in the world and be connected to a supportive walking group.

Whilst helping others, Corey discovered he was also delivering his purpose to inspire people to build momentum, connection and development for them to thrive through adversity.

Walk With Me has free access to our video and podcast resources. We also hold boutique, live events that will deliver exclusive conversations with leaders of sport, entertainment and business on how they thrive through adversity.

Keep checking as we continue to grow and update the platform with more resources and membership/coaching offers.

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"Being able to get our students more aware of their emotions and be able to talk and putting them into a position to be able to talk with someone else or listen - we just had to educate them. This was a vehicle for that"

Nathan Chapman, Founder ProKick Australia

"Walk With Me Online provides me with accountability, connection and a unique opportunity to listen and chat with an inclusive group of people who care about supporting each other. The bonus is meeting online some sporting and entertainment greats who I'd never ordinarily encounter - including Corey McKernan!"

Megan, Walk With Me Online participant


"Walk With Me Online made a big impact on my survival (during Covid-19 lockdowns in Melbourne). It's a wonderful community committed to getting up and being active, sharing stories and listening to others." 

Nicole, Walk With Me Online participant

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