Walk With Me Online Live Walks Over Zoom

Join Corey McKernan live over Zoom for a group walk
from any location.

7am Wednesday Weekly Walks re-launches in March


We are relaunching 7am Wednesday walks EVERY week and have 4 different hosts each month, Jemima and Corey the regulars and the rest will be revolving.


Also see a return to the zooms online to make it easier for all.

Walk With Me Online started with our live walks

It was May 2020 and Australia was in a strict lockdown due to Covid-19. Former AFL, MVP and dual North Melbourne premiership player, Corey McKernan, sent a simple call to action across across his social media platforms for anyone interested, they could join him from any location for a walk (next) morning over a Zoom meeting link.

“Exercise is so important to my wellbeing, physically and mentally, and is what I know as a professional AFL player, so I came up with the idea to walk over Zoom. Anyone can join from any location in the world simply by logging in to their unique Zoom link," said Corey.

Without knowing it at the time, Corey had founded Walk With Me Online.

Since then, hundreds of participants have joined Corey and a loyal, inclusive group for discussions around momentum, connection and development. Some walks are very interactive, other ones are listening in to Corey interview special guests, all of them aim to deliver lessons on how to thrive through adversity. 

How to join...


Head to your email inbox where you will find an email from us with your unique Zoom link to join.

You may want to add this link to your calendar for the days & times you want to walk.


Download Zoom onto your phone or computer - whatever device you'll be using.

Head to https://zoom.us/download.


At the time of the live walk, use your unique Zoom link (in the email from Step 2) to join the meeting.

a) There's a one click link that will open Zoom and the meeting in one.

b) Or, you can open your Zoom app and enter the Meeting ID and Passcode.


When you log on, you will see one of two screens, that the host hasn't yet started the meeting or you are in the waiting room to be let in. Just hold tight. For security reasons we check the users we admit according to our database..

Zoom Host To Start Meeting.jpg
Zoom Waiting Room Host to Let You In.jpg


When you enter the meeting, you should see Corey (your host). To hear, him you need to click "Call Over Internet".

Most participants plug in their earphones into theirr mobiles and head out for a walk. 

Zoom Dial In Over Internet.jpg


There is no pressure to talk. On recording days, Corey will interview and open questions at the end, time permitting. If you want to speak, you need to press the mute/unmute icon.

There's also no pressure to turn your video camera on. Some participants do, others don't. If you want to be visible, press "start video" icon.

Zoom Mic & Vid.jpg